Quick Start Guide
GDPR Ready

Download and Install

Copy the downloaded code from codecanyon and place it under any directory of your choosing.
Log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New.
Click "Upload Plugin" and browse to the directory that you saved the plugin to and select it. Then click Install Now and the plugin will be installed.
Click Activate and you are ready to go.

Creating your Campaign:

    Navigate to new campaign
    Enter Your Campaign Title
      This will be displayed as a title on Notification i.e. Discount on Prices
      This will be displayed as a title on The Feedback Form i.e. Please leave a feedback for us
    Enter Your Campaign Content
      This will be displayed as a description on the Notification
      This won't show on the front-end for the feedback but will show only on the back-end
    Choose Your Campaign Type - Notification/Feedback
    Choose The campaign trigger type
      Time based - campaign delay time in seconds, 0 for immediate. Default is 15 seconds
      Scroll based - campaign will show if the user scrolls to a certain percentage
      Abandoning Site - campaign will show when the user leaves the page
    You can Choose to run The Campaign for a specific user role
      Guests - any who is not registered/logged in
    You can Choose to run your campaign on all pages or on a specific page
    Customize How the Campaign will look by choosing a background and text color
    Schedule the campaign
      Start Date must be today or later
      End Date must be later than the start date
    You can Choose to repeat the campaign for the user
      You can then specify how long should the campaign delay before it displays again (in minutes), default is 5 minutes.
    You can Force GDPR Compliance which will require the user to accept your terms and conditions or privacy page before submitting feedback
    You get to choose per campaign, which page should the user consent to for GDPR Compliance
    You can enable email notification per campaign, whenever you receive a feedback you'll get notified- the feedback sentiment will also be mentioned in the email
    Automatically a Sentiment Analysis is ran for all feedback campaign so that you get all the summaries of positive, negative and neutral feedback about your campaigns.
    Preview Your Campaign before saving

Some Screenshots

Scheduling Calendar

Preview Notification

Preview Notification Before Publish

Preview Feedback

Preview Feedback Form Before Publish

Run Campaign For Specific User

User Specific Campaign