Auxiliary Service

If you want us to setup the environment on your computer (PC only for now) to be able to run a virtual device and any android app, simply follow these steps:

Cost = $39

- Install TeamViewer (

- Give us your teamviewer ID / Password and available time

Prerequisites (without these it will take much longer to setup your environment which might cost you more):

- Make sure Node.js is installed

- Download and install Java Development Kit (jdk) version 1.8

- Download and install Android Studio

Customization + Environment Setup:

Cost = $69

If you want us to setup your environment and also customize your app (excluding features), we will:

- Add your custom logo to the app

- Add app icon

- Add splash screens for different devices

- rename your app for you

- Connect your firebase database for you

Remember these are all things you can do for yourself by following our documentation and instructions, hit us up if you still need us to do it for you :)